"I recently began collecting Amanda’s work and I am delighted to be able to view her pieces online in one place. The website is easy to use and the quadlity of the images extremely good.  I already have my eye on several pieces and look forward to seeing how her work develops.  It is very exciting to be able to follow the career of such a talent." E Cantons

"Amanda’s prints and paintings are simply beautiful and I’m proud and delighted to own some of her work. I love the way she’s inspired by water, light and texture and so much else to create striking, thought-provoking images in gorgeous colours that reflect her warmth, passion and fine mind". D Thomas

"Paintings that demand you stop and immerse yourself in the moment, taking time to experience the enjoyment of engaging with something original." L. Askem

‘Cursive’ "- “ …stumbled, scratched lines over and under veils of agitated impasto - softened under warm, pale pinks; blocked cool blues and silver reflect light-dark greys create depth” N. Pennington

To The Lighthouse-  Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas ( See latest work page)

To The Lighthouse- Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas ( See latest work page)

About Amanda

‘Inspiration comes in many forms. Mine comes mostly from the landscape around me. I love the sea and whilst a part of me wishes I was in a studio overlooking the ocean and rocky shores, I find myself also drawn to more urban landscapes – I do live in London after all!

I love this city. I love its concoction of old and new, beautiful and ugly, colour and grey. I love its history and its stories. Everywhere you go you find something to peer at and wonder. Most of all I love its great arterial river and the Thames features heavily in my work. I like to spend time on its shores and bridges gazing at the life and the soul of its being. When I take photos or make sketches I am looking at those elements that make it so special – the lines, textures and shapes. Through those elements, I want to convey the subtle conflict between the beauty and the brutalism of the landscape and how that makes us feel.

Shapes and form are a big part of my work, as seen in my ‘Vessel’ series. I think a form can breathe a life of its own and exude a distinct feeling. When I look at them I feel comfort and ease but with an edge of something slightly subversive too. 

I’ve also been working on a series – ‘ Faded Memories’ – exploring images from my childhood from holidays and experiences. Planes feature quite strongly and other vehicles but also ‘snaphots’ of moments. I’ve tried to convey the almost rose-tinted, hazy and other-worldly view of those memories through my choice of colours, texture and distressed image transfer from photographs onto painting.’ 

After gaining her Fine Art Honours degree from Leeds in the mid 80s, Amanda has led a varied artistic career.

Based in SW London, where Amanda lives and works, her work has over the years, been shown in galleries and fairs both in London and nationally; on TV and media including craft and design publications and on fashion designer clothing for high end retailers.

Her work has included public space wall murals, surface pattern design, papier-mâché grandfather clocks, and more recently mixed media printmaking and painting.

Her recent work combines mono-printing and painting, sometimes using digital manipulation, and paint on canvas, where she feels is appropriate. Her mixed media monotype, ‘Night pool’, won the Intaglio Printmakers Prize at the National Original Print Exhibition at Bankside Gallery in September 2017. ‘City Beach’ another piece won a place at the RWS Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition in March 2018 , also at Bankside Gallery. Amanda has also exhibited locally to her home in South West London, both in solo shows and through local group shows in galleries.

She is currently represented by For Art's Sake in Ealing, London and by an online gallery -  Gallery Piccolo.


In contrast to her more ‘serious’ work, Amanda draws on a lifetime of Folk Art influences to create quirky prints, posters and cards where her images of animals and birds are popular with children and adults alike.